new laws

Today (August 9, 2017) is the date that hundreds of new laws, and changes to existing laws, go into effect. Most of the changes are minor but here are 6 that could affect you, and one big one that could change San Tan Valley forever.

Kids and Pets left in the car

HB2492 will protect citizen from civil lawsuit if they enter a locked, unattended vehicle to help rescue a child or pet. This only applies if the person has called police, or animal control first (and stays on the line with them), and believe that the child or pet is in imminent danger of physical injury or death.

Kids and Sunscreen

HB2134 will allow children to have and use sunscreen at school, camp or daycare without a note or prescription.

License plate Covers

SB1073 makes it illegal to cover a license plate or use any electronic device or film that makes the view of the license plate obscured from any angle.

Emergency Prescriptions

SB 1269 under certain circumstances will allow a pharmacist to issue one-time emergency refills of non-controlled medications.

Private Gun Sales

SB 1122 will prevent the state, city, and county governments from requiring background checks on private gun sales.

Age to serve liquor

HB 2047 changes the legal required age to sell, serve, handle or manufacture liquor from 19 down to 18.

Right to Vote

HB 2088 allows for an area with at least 15,000 people to incorporate without seeking the consent of those affected communities if the area that is incorporating has a larger population than the community protesting the incorporation. This bill eliminates the ability of cities and towns to protest a new incorporation.

This paves the way for San Tan Valley residents to finally have the right to vote on  becoming a municipality.