Violations Took Place Between 8/2/18-8/8/18

By The United Citizens – Clean Air Clean Water 

The ongoing trouble coming from Section 11 Wastewater Treatment Plant continues for residents that surround the facility in the Oasis at Magic Ranch community.

The most recent data shows the problems are getting significantly worse with 80 exceedances being reported in a one week span.

The United Citizens posted on their website “Pinal County Air Quality Control (PCAQC) results of the Hydrogen Sulfide audit – in which PCAQC posts results the week prior. There are 3 monitors – all located on the south side of Johnson Utilities Section 11. The week of 8/2/18-8/8/18 may be the worst we’ve seen thus far: 80 hydrogen sulfide exceedances.”

“80 total exceedances within a 7 day period. The people living near Section 11 are literally being exposed to Hazardous Gases – poison – and PCAQC hasn’t done much of anything. This could potentially be a cause of negligence by PCAQC who are the regulatory body over hydrogen sulfide.”

You can learn more about the dangers of hydrogen sulfide here: