By The United Citizens & San Tan Times Staff

The United Citizens recently reported “There has been a total of 32 hazardous gas exceedances since the start of the ACC investigation of Johnson Utilities. The hazardous gas issue has gotten WORSE since the start of the ACC investigation.” 

HS2 Violations June 2018

June 4, 2018 Hydrogen Sulfide Violations

They went on to say “Prior to January 2018, Pinal County only reported 4 exceedances of hydrogen sulfide between July 2017-January 2018. This data set proves, contrary to George Johnson and Todd House’s claim that the utility is in good working order and is also improving. Let’s just say, DATA DOESN’T LIE. The hydrogen sulfide data set is a powerful tool to prove that Johnson Utilities is not only incapable of running their own water/waste water utility, it is unable to make it better.”

This most recent release of information from Pinal County comes just after a string of notifications of high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide notices.

This is the fifth warning from the County since April 12. Each notification has come with multiple exceedances.

Whether it is related or not, the smell surrounding Oasis at Magic Ranch has been impressively putrid. One San Tan Times staff member driving by the area Friday morning reported a strong smell the closely resembled a garbage dump.

Of the new notification it is important to note that the May 25 exceedance is nearly 3 times the acceptable H2S level. Which is the second highest exceedance since May 11 which had 4 exceedances at .09 PPM. The Oasis at Magic Ranch community continues to deal with high levels of H2S and odors that no homeown should have to deal with.