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After April showed that the community is still dealing with ongoing hydrogen sulfide problems, May has been no better with nine more readings above regulations.

In a memorandum dated from May 18, 2018 Pinal County stated, “The H2S data collected at the Oasis Blvd site has shown an exceedance of the PCAQCD H2S standard on the morning of May 11, 2018. Data from the maintenance yard site showed exceedances of the standard on May 11 and May 12, 2018. The Johnson Utilities monitor at the Maintenance Yard, collected with the PCAQCD monitor, did not show an exceedance on May 11 or May 12, to determine the cause of the difference in measurements.”

Why these two monitors detected the exceedances and the Johnson Utilities monitor did not is currently an unknown. We will report more on this as we receive additional information.

This follows April that had several instances of hazardous gas exceedances. In April the Oasis Road site exceeded the PCAQCD H2S limit on April 4th and the Maintenance Yard site exceeded the PCAQCD H2S limit on April 9th. Then, again, at the Oasis Blvd location there was an exceedance on April 25.

As an interim manager has not yet been decided upon, and some County Supervisors continue to defend the Utility, we remind you to stay engaged and submit your thoughts to the County supervisors. Especially Todd House who testified saying: “I rely on citizens to bring problems to me.”

Please be sure to bring these problems to Supervisor House.

ph: 480.982.0659

A recent article by Supervisor’s Goodman’s office has urged residents to call the Super-

visors to have your voice heard. For your convenience, we are providing the contact information to the other four Supervisors and we echo Supervisor Goodman’s urgancy to CALL.

Supervisor Miller

ph: 520.866.7401

Supervisor Smith

ph: 520.866.3960

Supervisor Rios

ph: 520.866.7830 

Supervisor Goodman

ph: 520.866.8080

You can contact the other four Supervisors by going online at:

If you are experience concerning odors? Local residents have come together to offer the ability to submit a complaint form online.

Hazardous Gas Complaint Form: