We, the citizens who have been plagued and directly affected by Johnson Utilities section 11 waste water treatment for decades, would like to thank Pinal County Supervisor, Mike Goodman.

After being dismissed by other Pinal County Supervisors and ignored by other Pinal County staff members, Mike Goodman was the only Pinal County Supervisor and only Pinal County official who met with his constituents, heard their concerns and then acted in response to the hazardous situation Johnson Utilities was placing its customers in, specifically those living near the section 11 waste water treatment plant. It would be hard to believe that Johnson Utilities would decide to close section 11 if you weren’t as concerned and as involved.

Mike Goodman, regardless of what anyone else says, you were the “change agent” here! We support you, your family and your efforts! Your community and your constituents know that you helped this to come to be. We are proud of you!

The only time Pinal County has started seeing change with Johnson Utilities was when you were elected a little over a year ago. Thank you for being our champion! We are proud of you!

We still have a lot of work to do and we are behind you all the way!


-The Citizens of Pinal County