ACC Open Meeting: It Was A Short Meeting, But Productive

Friday’s 10:30 AM Open Meeting was far shorter than Tuesday’s marathon meeting of over eight hours which played out like a TV drama with a cliff hanger and everything.

At under an hour in length, this meeting was short and to the point. With opening remarks by Supervisor Goodman that gave us a brief history of his involvement and frustration in attempting to find solutions to this ongoing problem with water quality and hydrogen sulfide levels.

Mr. Goodman also touched upon his multiple attempts to get Johnson Utilities representatives to speak with the public and receiving no response or results. He also addressed his fear of the abuse of power that appears to be taking place against citizens and developers. Mr. Goodman believes there is enough evidence to show that an interim manager must be put in place.

Supervisor Goodman’s remarks were followed by local residents expressing their frustration towards Johnson Utilities and the ACC’s lack of action up until this point. Local resident, Julie Phillips, spoke about the smell coming from Pecan Creek and the abuse of power that is taking place and also agreed that an interim manager must be put in place.

Resident John Dantico urged the ACC  for the selection process of an interim manager to be extremely transparent and requests that Hunt Management, LLC be excluded from consideration. Mr. Dantico went on to say that his reason for this is  that Johnson Utilities and Hunt Management appear to be owned, controlled and operated by George Johnson and share the same address.

The meeting then went on to a discussion between the Commissioners and Staff regarding what needs to be done  to prepare for the inevitable court case that will result if the ACC were to approve an Order to Show Cause to appoint an interim manager.

ACC Staff assured special prosecutor is not needed and the existing staff is more than needed.

With that, the Arizona Corporation Commission voted and approved Agenda Item 1: In the matter of the Commission’s Investigation of the Billing and Water Quality Issues of Johnson   Utilities,   LLC (WS-02987A-18-0050): Commission consideration, discussion, and possible vote regarding Staff’s Application for an Order to Show Cause.

This allows for the process to move forward. But does not mean an Interim manger will now take place. This is the first step in the direction of progress. But, there is a legal process that must take place.

This will take some time. This isn’t the ACC dragging their feet. They are moving forward with the legal process. That process requires many steps to take place. San Tan Valley as a community must balance patients and diligence during this time.