Tell The ACC How You Feel And The Changes That Are Needed


With a strong croud in attendance at the 8 AM ACC Hearing meeting, resident after resident got up and stated their problems with Johnson Utilities. From billing issues, being overcharged, health concerns, smell, lack of response, and outragious water, the residents of San Tan Valley had a consistent message for the ACC board members.

Supervisor Goodman, who has been the only Supervisor that has consistently fought for the residents of San Tan Valley on this issue started the hearings with his perspective on things which spoke about the lack of response and communication.

District 5 Supervisor Todd House was also in attendance, but he remained silent even after residents brought up the political contributions he has received.

Throughout the event, the residents were passionate about the problems they face, which I am sure mirror some of the problems many of you have faced regarding this issues.

A little about two of the ACC members in attendance:

Andy Tobin and Robert Burns

Tobin, along with Burns and Boyd Dunn, collectively received more than $1 million during their election from Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest utility company.

Who is the APS and Why Should You Care?

Arizona Public Service Company is the largest electric utility in Arizona and the principal subsidiary of publicly traded S&P 500 member Pinnacle West Capital Corporation (NYSE: PNW), which in turn had been formerly named AZP Group, when Arizona Public Service reorganized as that holding company in 1985.

It is widely believed that APS spent about $3.2 million in 2014 elections. For more information on campaign funding visit AZWatergate.

Wednesday’s hearing are located at Central Arizona College.

Hearing Times:





CAC San Tan Campus –

3736 E Bella Vista Rd,

San Tan Valley, AZ 5143

The format should be the same as you will fill out your name and submit your information and then be called upon to get up and speak.

We recommend as many people come out as possible to show the magnitude of the problem here in San Tan Valley.

If you are unable to attend for the full two hours, you can submit your name and information to be provided to the ACC. This will allow you to have your voice heard while minimizing the amount of time you are committing to the event. We all have busy schedules, so, maximizing your time is important. We want you to be sure you understand that you do not have to commit to a full two hour hearing just to be heard.

Whether you stay for the full two hour session, or if you simply fill out the information and leave, we look forward to seeing you and taking part in the hearings.