Ongoing updates of the April 16, 2018 ACC Open Meeting

To watch the Open Meeting you can view a live feed here:

Mr. Miller is done on the stand, and the hearings are now in recess.

Legal Representation is questioning Mr. Miller on the differences between his current home and his previous home. As well as stating the consistency of billing at that current property throughout the years. Even long before Mr. Miller lived in the home.

Staff has called it’s first witness; Mr. Miller a San Tan Valley resident who spoke at the open meetings in San Tan Valley in February. Mr. Miller has presented his billing as evidence, which shows great variances in his bills. A video from June 6, 2016 showing raw sewage running out of a manhole cover, and into the wash behind the residents home was shown. Billing shows a spike up to 74,000 gallons of water.

Meeting Resumes

Break begins and hearing will resume at 1:00 PM

Johnson Utilities representatives speak. Talks about the legal authority that the ACC has to implement an interim manager. Talks about the additional cost of an interim manager. Appointment of an interim manager is an extraordinary move when no other solution is available. They speak about the evidence will show that Johnson Utilities does not present a clear and present danger to the public. They speak about new billing payment options and customer service improvements along with improving procedures to minimize discharge events.

Resident John Dantico speaks about previous fines and “band aid solutions.”

Katherine Lebranch(sp?) speaks about her billing problems and meter problems.

Pinal County representative speaks about the county’s experiences and have heard the complaints that have given rise to these proceedings. Queen Creek representative speaks about the impact of the continued failures of Johnson Utilities. Queen Creek strongly supports an independent interim manager.States that Johnson Utilities is a chronic region wide problem.

RUCO is now speaking about the company not being in tune with what is required and number 2 in the state for sanitary overflows. Company has continued to put the patrons health and safety at risk. Speaks about billing issues not being address.

ACC Staff talks about poor management and a threat to public safety. Also talks about the inability of the company to properly manage operational problems. Staff talks about how the company reacts and handles problems. Talks about the power and authority that the commission has. The Staff will provide six witnesses that will justify the need of an interim manager.

Brandon Wanger (sp?) calls in about water odor and water color along with spiking bills.

Lionel Lucier been a resident since 2006. In 2013 measured water pressure. 100 PSI was measured. Had over $25,000 in damage. Talks about needing to put in pressure reducing station. Speaks about inconsistent meter readings.

Dorris Golve(sp?) spoke about receiving excellent service from Johnson Utilities for 11 years. “The number of complaints indicate that the majority of customers are satisfied” and that she doesn’t feel there is any justification for an interim manager.

Resident speaks about every July she receives a spike in their bill from 11,000-23,000 gallons as a single resident.
Asked by a commissioner if she took her bill to Johnson Utilities and what were their comments. She said that she was told “that a neighbor was stealing her water.”

Brett Watchment (sp?) spoke about the jobs created by Johnson Utilities. Spoke about working as a contractor for a JU related business. Spoke about the problems that were faced that weren’t caused by Johnson Utilities and how the “media never told that side of the story.” He watched Johnson Utilities create more jobs in the area and how many donations he’s provided to the area.¬† “I think this nation was built on people like that (speaking about George Johnson)

Mike Goodman speaks as an individual with personal experiences with Johnson Utilities. Mr. Goodman spoke about the sludge problem he had with Johnson Utilities effluent water.

Miss Schmidt speaks and has now stated that the majority of customers are satisfied with Johnson Utilities. She was also asked if she is employed with Johnson Utilities and she stated “no.”

Barbara Manning is speaking who lives in Florence and has lived in Arizona for 44 years. In the 10 years she has lived in Florence she has never had one complaint against Johnson Utilities and that 99% of the customers are “pleased with the service.”

She states the “odor problem on Hunt Highway has been satisfied.”

She also states the order problem on ironwood “has been corrected.”

She was asked if she has any connection to Johnson Utilities and she stated “no.”

It is up to Commissioner Burns to recuse himself voluntarily.

Discussion about Commissioner Burns and his wife being interviewed by the FBI. Lawyers for Johnson Utilities are speaking about the ability for Commissioner Burns to participate in these hearings and bringing up the possibility of requesting his recusal.

Currently providing the opportunity for all those intervening to announce if they will be presenting witnesses and who will be testifying and arranging an estimated schedule for the next several days.