Letter To The Editor

By: Gayle Peters

Like so many of my neighbors here in San Tan Valley (STV), I am a transplant. I had never lived in an unincorporated area before and it was astounding to learn that I was now part of a ‘designated zip code.’ It was problematic to arrange furniture delivery or use direction navigation services because I was told STV did not exist!

After over a decade of various attempts for self determination, STV will finally have the ability to indicate whether we want to remain an unincorporated area or become a municipality. After the task of changing state law to begin this process, a steering committee of forward thinking, proactive volunteers filled out the necessary forms and paperwork along with a map to submit to the county to initiate the process of getting to ballot. The next step is gathering petitions signed by registered voters in STV. To meet state requirements to be on the ballot, we must obtain10% of the number of registered voters in STV to sign the petition. That is 4,800 signatures of STV registered voters!

I’ve played a minor role in this effort by working to obtain the necessary number of signatures. I’ve enjoyed talking to many of you at a variety of locations and events. I’ve met people who have just moved here as well as people who are visiting from other areas and heard a common theme about how much they enjoy this valley. For the most part, people have been very kind, understanding that this is part of the political process to effect change. And when some have declined, I apologize for bothering them. People have been so incredibly nice it has been a joy.