Some Residents Aren’t Pleased 

As the ACC Hearings continued throughout the week several residents are voicing their frustration over several items. 

Some have grown frustrated with the lack of communication and scheduling of witnesses. Residents that thought they would be called to testify have not heard back or they have found that their testimony will not be used. 

While some residents have spoken out online about the witnesses that the county has used didn’t properly represent the problem that residents have been dealing with. 

Further more, several residents have noted that ADEQ has appeared to be unprepared and their documentation is lacking. 

ADEQ has stated that “Failure to come into compliance is a common occurrence” when it comes to the water utility. 

Local resident, Nick Myers noted “So let me get this straight, staff calls ADEQ as a witness, ADEQ does not have all of the answers to those questions. How does that happen? Did ADEQ not know which questions were going to be asked and did they not come prepared?” 

Mr. Myers isn’t the only resident that noticed that ADEQ seemed unprepared for the hearings based on the numerous comments made online. 

John Dantico, the only local resident that is at the hearings as an intervener, has drawn praise from residents for asking tougher questions and calling out the problems when others have not. 

Additionally the lack of support offered at the county level is a concern as highlighted in Jake Kincade’s article in Pinal Central on April 16, 2018: “Pinal County stays neutral in Johnson Utilities evidentiary hearing 

There is growing skepticism in the community when it comes to the hearing resolving the problems that this community faces. But, communication to the residents and the current display of poor organization and what appears to be unprepared witnesses, is leaving many residents with the expectations  of nothing changing when it comes to water quality, billing practices, and sanitary overflows.