Two New Book Reviews

By Adventures in Obsessive Reading 

The Anomaly

Author: Michael Rutger
Page Count: 352
Rating: A
Format Read: BOTM Hardcover
Genre: Science Fiction Thriller
Keywords: YouTube, Aliens, Horror
Kid Appropriate: No

This was my June pick for Book of the Month and I was so excited because YouTube + + my home state sounds perfect! But when I picked up the book the prologue was really weird so I kept putting off actually reading it. I shouldn’t have because it was so much fun I ended up finishing it in 24 hours once I actually started!

Nolan (our mc) was both lovable and generic. By this I mean he had fewer crazy traits than most and could easily morph into someone you know. For me, I kept picturing an older Shane Dawson. With this flexible identity, it was easy to get into the story following him.

Ken was a stereotype but in the fun way. Rutger could have made him sleazy but I’m glad he didn’t. Pierre was basically a puppy. Molly shifted too much quickly, in my opinion, to ever feel truly connected to her. For the length of the novel, her rapid shifts felt disjointed. And finally, I liked our villains (no spoilers!). They were just weird enough that it worked well with the science fiction world created here.

The setting of the cave was by far my favorite aspect. It was expansive enough to be creepy and get the heart rate up but small enough you aren’t confused the entire time.

This definitely is not a read after prestigious awards in literature but it’s genuinely fun with its heavy doses of adventure and sarcasm mixed with a dash of science fiction to keep you wondering.

The Hypnotist

Author: Lars Kepler
Page Count: 503
Rating: A+
Keywords: Mystery, Amnesia, Cruelty
Genre: Psychological Thriller/Mystery
Younger Readers: Some teens and older

Not many books can literally give me goosebumps and send me hugging my dog quite like Lars Kepler’s Joona Linna series.

I have read the first four books in this series: The Hypnotist, The Nightmare, The Fire Witness, and The Sandman. Each one has freaked me out while irresistibly drawing me into finishing these 500+ page book within a day or two. These books are scary, twisted, addictive, and brilliant fun.

Each tale is equally captivating and unnerving as you follow our Finnish protagonist throughout the mysteries he encounters in Sweden, each book revealing more and more about him. By book four I was sobbing at the end and am now patiently (well not at all patiently) waiting for book five, The Stalker, to be available in the United States’ Kindle store. Apparently, it will not be available until February 2019. However, for all of you that have yet to discover this series you have plenty of time to catch up!

I cannot recommend this series enough! Check it out if you’re looking for a spine-tingling mystery series that’ll keep you hooked.