Title: The Tiger’s Daughter
Author: K. Arsenault Rivera
Page Count: 526
Rating: A
Format Read: Paperback
Genre: Fantasy
Keywords: Friendship, Loyalty, Demons
Kid Appropriate: Teens and older

I really loved this book. While like City of Lies it was a bit slower, there was a great deal of interest in the characters and their development from small children to grown women. Their relationship unfolds in a natural way (with the exception of a spoiler I will discuss below) and the format of Shefali writing a letter to Shizuka about their own story was entrancing. 

In one sitting I read well over 200 pages on one day and did it again the next. The writing style is definitely within the realm of an adult fantasy but it is done in a way that never feels heavy and allows for quick reading, so do not allow the larger page count to deter you.

And while this book reads a bit closer to historical fiction than fantasy at certain times, the inclusion of demons and a folklore of gods added just the right amount of magic to make me fall for this story head over heels. 

If you are looking for a solid fantasy series, I recommend beginning here. It is not too heavy for newer fantasy fans and is more focused on the central couple. The world building is more gentle in nature and grows with the maturity of the girls as they grow up and are able to comprehend more. 

Spoilers below…

I mentioned in my Friday Reads for this book that around page 214 a scene occurred that had me confused. Shizuka is sick and dying from a fever. She is extremely ill and they fear that she will not make it through the night. This was important because you can see the worry that Shefali has and it ages their relationship from the childhood friendship. WHY WAS THIS A GOOD TIME FOR THEIR FIRST SEX SCENE?! I am certainly not against smut in books. But the placement of this scene makes no sense to me and I wish it had occurred at a different time in which one person is not near death and incapable of doing what was described.

Another issue I had was the nature of their relationship. Shefali is constantly being used by Shizuka and thrown into unnecessary situations. I wish that there had been more respect and less childish greed there.

Title: The Darkest Star
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Page Count: 368
Rating: A+
Format Read: electronic ARC
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Keywords: Aliens, Romance, Murder
Kid Appropriate: Teen
Release Date: October 30, 2018

This book was everything I’ve come to expect from a Jennifer L. Armentrout book: steamy, hilarious, and packed full of action.

As soon as I saw that Armentrout was expanding the Lux world I knew I had to have this read, hoping it would have all the elements of romance, humor, friendship, and action that I had come to expect from Daemon and Kat’s story. I wasn’t disappointed one bit.

I will admit I have not yet finished the Lux series and was worried that this would affect my ability to read The Darkest Star without feeling confused. This ended up not being an issue at all. Armentrout catches the reader up on details without it feeling tedious and I never felt out of place.

I sped through the first 75% of this one, completely unable to put it down. The last 25% was a bit slower but I still was really satisfied with the overall pacing and outcome of this book. Enough elements of suspicion and unlikable characters were sprinkled throughout that I have no doubt I will need to keep reading the rest of this series as it is released.

The major “twist” was far from shocking and I saw it coming a mile off, but that did not bother me as much as I expected. Evie was just a really likable character that it was difficult to feel annoyed with. I enjoyed the way her actions and the conflict between Luxen and humans in this world could be used to compare to current political implications or simply as a teaching moment of what actions are right.

And Luc is easily a new favorite book boyfriend. View the YouTube review: