By the Office of Supervisor Goodman

We have received a lot of calls regarding transportation and utilities and we would like to help disseminate the correct information and provide updates on these two major concerns for our community.  


For the past several months the Town of Queen Creek has been in discussion with EPCOR (the interim manager for Johnson Utilities) regarding an interconnection between the Town and the Johnson Utility water systems.  This would have brought an additional water supply in the event of a water shortage, similar to what was experienced during the summer of 2018.  On April 23, 2019, ACC staff and Commissioners thanked the Town of Queen Creek for their willingness to assist, but suggested a different approach would be best moving forward.  We are grateful for the Town of Queen Creek and their staff.  They ultimately care about the regional challenges our side of the valley is facing.  If you would like to read more about the interconnections you can find their news release HERE.  

The conversation centered on our utilities is ongoing.  We know the residents who live in San Tan Valley are frustrated.  Please understand the feedback you provide is not falling on deaf ears.  We are working hard with the appropriate agencies and advocating on your behalf.    On that note, it is imperative that we stay actively involved in taking part in the conversation to improve our community.  We invite you to join us at a few town hall meetings with the Arizona Corporate Commissioners Office.   Please come!  If you have concerns and/or appreciations for the changes that have been made thus far, we invite you to share your voice.  Below are the details.  

  • Tuesday June 18, 6 pm, CAC San Tan Campus: 3736 E Bella Vista Rd, San Tan Valley
  • Thursday June 20, 6 pm, District 2 Office: 33622 N Mountain Vista Blvd, San Tan Valley


Combs Road from Meridian to Gary Rd. will be closed June 3 – July 8 while the Town of Queen Creek widens the roadway and Union Pacific makes improvements to the railroad.  The Town will be sending out mailers to those who live or run a business in the affected area.  The Town will also be putting up message boards and has provided this image to show where the work is taking place.

SR24 Extension: 

Scheduled to bid late fall of 2019 with an anticipated start of spring 2020.  This project will be managed by ADOT.  We will share updates on this project as our office receives them 

North South Corridor:  

This project will be managed by ADOT.  Tax dollars continue to be collected for this roadway but it is still in litigation with the Gold Water Institute.  More information and project updates to follow as we get them. 

Meridian Road:  

  • Germann Rd north to SR24 >> Design underway.  Regional drainage improvements pose a challenge but Pinal County Public Works is working with partners on a solution.  
  • Germann Rd south to Riggs Rd / Combs Rd >> Design kickoff was held in April 2019 and a preliminary topography is underway. 

Riggs Road: 
Ribbon cutting ceremony was held on May 29th and is now open for public use.  


As you know, the area of San Tan Valley is a large unincorporated piece of Pinal County.  The burden to solve regional challenges has been a heavy load for County staff to carry.  As most counties sit across our beautiful nation, they are not built to govern or manage such a large unincorporated populous because of the lack of funding that is readily available.  Incorporated towns or cities have another layer of government that not only gains a voice for their area but also collects tax dollars to be spent specifically there.  Because San Tan Valley is unincorporated and/or does not have a special taxing district established this area relies heavily on Pinal County funding – which is limited as it is spread out county wide.  

Our office, with the assistance of the Pinal County Finance Department, The Town of Queen Creek, and the League of Cities and Towns would like to help educate our community on the different options that could bring additional revenue to the area and where the county resources go.  

Mark your calendars and tell your neighbors and friends.  We will be holding 2 town hall meetings to shed some light on this controversial topic.  Please join us: 

  • July 16, Time and Location TBD
  • July 18, Time and Location TBD


As of July 1, 2019 we will be located at Walker Butte K-8.  Our new address is 29697 N Desert Willow Blvd, San Tan Valley.  Our phone number will stay the same 520-866-8080 and we can always be reached at:

Thank you – It truly is an honor to serve as your elected Supervisor.   If you have any concerns or would like further clarification on any of the projects / initiatives we have going on at the County or here in District 2, I invite you to reach out to my office and we will schedule a time to either have a conversation or a brief meeting.  My door is always open.