Pinal County Board of Supervisors District 2

By The Office Of Supervisor Goodman

Supervisor Goodman held Town Halls in March and provided an update on transportation projects in our Community. Public Works staff from our County offices were also in attendance to answer questions and provide further insight. A map was created to display our roadway projects and provide a holistic view of the scheduled enhancements. This map is attached for your reference.

The bulk of the conversation was centered on extending Magma Rd from Hunt Highway to Gary Road. We understand there has been an opportunity to enhance communication regarding this road which is one of the reasons we dedicated this town hall to the topic of transportation. Citizens in the Johnson Ranch community are concerned with how this construction may impact their lifestyle, and as a County, we will partner with residents and their HOA to ensure we do all we can to mitigate these concerns. The extension of this road has been planned for some time to meet emergency service needs, and we want to work together to do what’s best for this Community.

An update regarding RTA was also provided at our Town Halls. The County is still going through the appeal process and while this takes place, RTA funds continue to be collected but are not being spent. While we work through this litigation, staff are moving forward in discussions with regional partners to ensure we are planning large-scale transportation improvements that our citizens need.

As we plan our next round of Community Town Halls we’d like to get feedback from all of you on what you want to know more about. Are there specific topics you want to have addressed? Please e-mail or call our office with any suggestions you may have.

We extended the date for the District 2 Survey to April 20th. We would appreciate any help we can get distributing. We have received many responses, but know we can get more! Many of you participated in the Plan San Tan initiative that recently took place where residents gave input in developing an area plan that designated desired land uses and services for the future of our Community. As a large unincorporated area with a population well over 100k, and residents with diverse needs, it’s important for us to work hard to understand Community needs.

This survey is for informational purposes only, and will build upon the feedback we received in the Plan San Tan process to help us narrow down key areas of interest within our Community. We will use your feedback to prioritize initiatives within San Tan Valley and to help us understand what additional information our residents need from us.

The survey is also available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:00am-1:00 pm through April 20 in our San Tan Valley office for individuals who may not have internet access. We invite you and your neighbors to participate so we can better serve you and our growing community.

You can access the survey here:

It truly is an honor to serve as your elected Supervisor. If you have any concerns or would like further clarification on any of the projects/initiatives we have going on at the County or here in District 2, I invite you to reach out to my office and we will schedule a time to either have a conversation or a brief meeting. My door is always open.

Do you have a question that you would like our office to answer or offer clarification on? My office can be reached at:

520-866-8080 or


The 2020 census is hiring nationwide and will hire for the neighborhood by their zip code. Anyone can apply who is over 18, a US citizen & no criminal record. No prior experience necessary and the workers will get a letter of reference from the Government.

The applicants apply online at:

They will call the applicants in June to set up their training starting in August 2019. The pay is $16.00 an hour, field workers receive mileage as well.

Each job phase lasts from 2 to 6 weeks & you are paid for training. We want to hire the workers in their own neighborhood. They will get a more accurate count because they know the neighborhoods. Also, they care about their community and want to get their fair share of the tax money. The Government has $675.00 of our tax money to distribute. One uncounted person will cost the community $2,000 per year till the next Decenntial Census. That’s $20,000 per person.

The first job phase is Address Canvasing. We update the 2010 maps by having the worker walk around their assigned block and verifing the existing addresses and adding the new housing. This will create our master roster to mail out the Census forms. There are only 10 questions and everyone responds online. Different job phases continue into the Fall of 2020.

For additional information regarding District 2, Supervisor Goodman’s office can be reach at:

33622 N. Mountain Vista Blvd

San Tan Valley, AZ 85142