Letter To The Editor

By Local Resident Steve Hannes

So, another group has formed, out of frustration, because Encanterra residents have formed a group to seek annexation into Queen Creek. They have established a Go Fund Me page, apparently, in an attempt to stop the Encanterra annexation proposal. This, even though a recent internal poll revealed that 4 out of 5 Encanterra residents support annexation into QC.

I’ve read the story that launched the “Stop the Annexation” effort. Frustration was certainly evident. What was missing was any semblance of an alternative plan at all. Wishing, hoping, taking actions to foil the attempts of an individual or group that wants to achieve something for the good, with no reason other than making you feel better, has a label. In German it’s called schadenfreude.

For months now, I’ve researched these issues as thoroughly as can be done. The efforts to incorporate by a “rag tag” group of individuals, some of whom had their own self-interests, was flawed and thoughtless at its core. Thankfully, this effort failed. I could find nothing that took into consideration the real issues facing a fledgling new town. Issues like:

A real financial plan. One that takes into consideration all that a new town is going to need – City Hall, Police and fire departments, infrastructure plans for roads, bridges, housing and commercial developments.

A plan to deal with Johnson Utilities. This is a real mess, and JU is cash rich with a legion of lawyers. History has shown they will use their money and resources to defend their fiefdom. Yes, a new town will immediately need lawyers and lots of them.

So, now that this movement is already formed and is collecting money to stop Encanterra from annexing into QC, let’s play a little hypothetical: Let’s say the effort is wildly successful and it is able to stop Encanterra in its tracks, foiling the will of the majority of its residents. What happens next? How does this group expect residents of Encanterra will respond if/when the next STV incorporation efforts are under way? Where will this end?

I can applaud and will consider any effort that is thoughtful, provides a win/win plan, and brings the community together. This effort is not a plan like that. Instead, it divides us into more isolated camps, more tribal units. It fuels the fires of frustration instead of quenching them and sets us up to fight each other more as each side vies to win the next battle.

I too live in the STV area with properties in both Encanterra and in Circle Cross Ranch. I can empathize with the Encanterra Annexation group, as well as the group that attempted but failed to incorporate a defined area and form a new town. I’d like to see future efforts to incorporate, but not by drawing lines around a community like they did En-

canterra with no input from any residents there. I want to see entities like Encanterra choose their own destiny too, but not dashed by a group determined to stop its majority so it can bask in schadenfreude.