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Repairs Completed

After sustaining significant water damage due to a neighboring business, Any Time Fitness is better than ever. Read more here!

 Intervene & Submit Your Billing Issues!

San Tan Valley Residents now have more time to get involved in the Johnson Utilities case. Find out how you can get involved!

Gantzel is Open

The Long Awaited Gantzel Road Extension is Open. Read Pinal Counties Press Release!

Todd House Defends The Utility

Supervisor House took time during the most recent board of supervisors meeting to defend Johnson Utilities saying they are “Running the organization just fine.” Read more about the most recent Board of Supervisors meeting.

 AZ Care Rescue

Great pets are available through local shelters like AZ Care Rescue. See what dogs are currently available. You might just find the perfect pet.

Local Sports Scores

San Tan Valley Student Athletes were hard at it last week. How did they all do?