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April 23, 2018 San Tan Times

Plan San Tan 

Plan San Tan was discussed at length during the last Board of Supervisors meeting. What is plan san tan, and is it actually a plan?

What If Teachers Strike?

What will happen if the teachers strike on Thursday? FUSD Superintendent Chris Knutsen sent out a break down of what will happen within the FUSD district. Find out what the plans are.

Local Sports Scores

Most of the local schools are finishing up their sports seasons soon. How did they do do last week? Find their scores and more here.

ACC & JU Hearings

Hearings that were scheduled to only last a few days have now spilled over into week 2, with a possible week 3. Read some of the quotes from week 1 here!

Incorporation On The Agenda

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has a resolution to discuss on Monday Morning. Is the San Tan Valley map legal? Did the Steering Committee get the required amount of signatures? The board will decide the fate of an incorporated San Tan Valley at 9:30 Monday morning.

Updated Hunt Highway & Gantzel Road Improvements

It seems like you will be able to get to the businesses that you need to while Hunt Highway is closed. How remains a mystery to everyone, even the county at this point though. Find out more!

Sparring Session

I do not see this band very often. So I was happy to see them and elated to catch these two in a sparring session. See a few of Dirty Deserts Pictures Here!