United Citizens

A local group took note when it was stated multiple times during the ACC Hearings that the water utility customers, mostly in San Tan Valley, were satisfied with the product and service.

The United Citizens, who have been fighting against high Hydrogen Sulfide levels in their area, sent out a survey within their community and into the San Tan Valley area to gauge for themselves how many people are satisfied with the product and service people receive from the water utility.

As of this printing, The United Citizens received 924 submission to the survey. Of that, 912 stated they are unsatisfied with the product and service they are receiving from the water utility.

Some submissions stated just a single issue, such as water problems. But, the majority of the submissions list multiple issues with the utility.

Additionally, the comments left by residents go into further detail of the problems that were heard by those that spoke at the original ACC Hearings back in February. Complaints from low water pressure, to high water usage, to shutoff notices, to complaints about odor in the air and from the water. 

This isn’t a scientific survey and cannot be submitted as evidence, but it does speak to the shear volume of unsatisfied customers and directly combats the notion that the majority of customers are satisfied by both the utility and the collection of residents that came from Florence to state that the up roar is from a vocal minority.

To take the survey, or to see the results (with emails and addresses hidden for privacy), you can go online at:


For those unfamiliar with The United Citizens, it is a local group of San Tan Valley residents that originated in the Magic Ranch community that have been fighting to correct the ongoing high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide from Section 11 Wastewater Treatment Plant. The same Plant that Supervisor Todd House claimed to only have minor violations.