Heat Relief Network to provide heat refuge, hydration and education to Pinal County residents through September 2019

By Joe Pyritz, Public Information Officer, Pinal County

This week, the Pinal County Heat Relief Network is participating in Arizona’s statewide Heat Awareness Week in collaboration with Arizona Department of Health Services. The Heat Relief Network in Pinal County is a collaborative effort between Pinal County Public Health Services District, United Way of Pinal County, and Central Arizona Governments. These agencies coordinate heat refuge and hydration efforts for Pinal County residents from May 1st to September 30th each year. The network is comprised of local agencies, businesses, organizations, and shelters which open their doors to community members to allow them a place to cool down and drink water. “In 2018 the UWPC Officially coordinated the Heat Relief Network, a collaboration between 75 agencies to bring about systemic change in Pinal County on the ways we address heat and heat-related illness,” said Braden Biggs, Community Programs Manager for United Way of Pinal County. “We are proud to be able to take this one step further and collaborate with the Arizona Department of Health Services and partake in Arizona Heat Awareness Week.”

Pinal County Public Health Services District invites Pinal County residents to participate in Heat Awareness Week from May 27th to May 31st. This awareness week was organized by the Arizona Department of Health Services and the National Weather Service to increase awareness of heat-related illness and prevention. The week is filled with themed days which focus on heat safety.

  • Monday, May 27th: (H) Hydrate
  • Tuesday, May 28th: (E) Environment/Weather 
  • Wednesday, May 29th: (A) Awareness 
  • Thursday, May 30th: (T) Take Action
  • Friday, May 31st: H-E-A-T Safety Finale

Arizona temperatures reach the triple digits each year, leading to heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. In 2018, 3,016 individuals visited emergency departments throughout Arizona for heat-related illnesses. On average, 108 deaths are related to heat exposure in our state. “To protect yourself and your loved ones from heat-related illness, remember to drink plenty of water, dress in lightweight and light-colored clothing, stay indoors when possible, take regular breaks when engaging in outdoor activities, and check on those who are more sensitive to heat including infants and the elderly,” said Dr. Shauna McIsaac, Director of Pinal County Public Health Services District. “Also, remember to check the back seat for children and pets when exiting your car. Children and pets should never be left alone inside of an unattended vehicle.”


Did you know that generally 60% of the human body is made of water? Thus, hydration is an important part of a healthy life year-round but is especially crucial during the hot summer months.

There are hydration stations throughout Pinal and Maricopa Counties.

Pinal Hydration Stations Map:

Maricopa Hydration Stations Map: