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United Way of Pinal County’s Bike Program

“Keep on Wheelin” is a United Way program that gets bikes from various sources and finds volunteers. Learn more about The United Way’s bike donation program here.

Get To Know Your Candidate: Diane Douglas

The incumbent candidate running for Superintendent of Public Instruction; Diane Douglas. Learn more about her here.

Local Job Finder

We have a lot of close by job opportunities from Queen Creek this week. Close and local, while cutting down on your drive. Find great new jobs here.

Firehouse Sub’s Pet Rescue Contest Winners!

Our contest winners have been announced! We had about two hundred local residents that posted photos and stories of their awesome pets that were rescued from various shelters throughout Arizona and beyond. We got submissions of dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, rabbits, and beyond! Go out and rescue a pet today! 

Independent Voters Can Vote In The Primaries

About 34% of Arizona’s registered voters are independent voters. Arizona has an open primary provision which makes voting in the primaries simple. Read more here.

Central Arizona College Is Hiring

Central Arizona College has many full and part-time positions available right now. You can find a few of the full-time positions here.