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Meet The Candidate: Jonathan Gelbart

The focus falls on a candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jonathan Gelbart in this installment of Meet the Candidate. Learn more about him here.

Pinal County Town Hall: Let’s Be Civil

The theme for the 31st Annual Pinal County Town Hall is set and the message is to understand how to remain calm when discord abounds. Find out more here.

Travel Advisory

Keep your travels as trouble-free as possible by keeping in mind what road work is currently taking place. Find out more here.

Supervisors Adopt Lower Property Tax Rate

Good news for taxpayers in Pinal County as the Board of Supervisors adopted a lower tax rate. Find out more about the tax rate here.

Why did EPCOR Suspend the Interim Manager Contract?

Local support group breaks down what happened and what it means for residents when it comes to EPCOR suspending their Interim Manager contract. Find out why here.

San Tan Animal Rescue

The San Tan Animal Rescue has a lot of amazing animals that you can foster to adopt. See a few of the dogs here.