By Joe Pyritz, Public Information Officer, Pinal County

Just a note of caution when we have an event like the Woodbury Fire:

We would like to remind everyone to be careful about making donations to any one who is making claims they will be donating to help fire responders fighting the Woodbury Fire or any wildfire. 

Fire crews and the Forestry Service already have resources and cannot accept these donations. Anyone claiming they need money to help first responders fighting the fire is making fraudulent claims. 

United Way of Pinal County is the only established nonprofit that is accepting water, sports drink and snack donations specifically for Queen Valley.

From the Untied Way of Pinal County:

It is essential for the community to understand that the Woodbury Fire (in the Superstition Wilderness Area) is being handled by the Tonto National Forest and a Type 1 Southwest Area Incident Management Team. This group has set a command base at Peralta Trail Elementary School in Gold Canyon. Due to this group being a state- and federal-funded agency, they are restricted on what donations they can accept. That doesn’t mean they are not able to accept anything, but they have asked that the general public not drop off donations to them. The United Way of Pinal County, Lost Dutchman Realty and the Superstition Fire and Medical District will coordinate donations on an as-needed basis.