The Intersection is now closed. Here is what residents can expect when traveling this weekend.

The intersection at Bella Vista and Hunt Highway will be closed until 4 AM Monday morning. Here are key points for residents that live around that area, looking to access businesses by that intersection and those traveling north:

  • Access to all business at the intersection is still available.
  • Vehicles can access the Circle K and Bella Vista Village shopping center to gain access to Hunt Highway. Is it advised? We do not know. But it is possible.
  • Johnson Ranch residents can gain access to Hunt Highway through the parking lot of the shopping area that contains the Walgreens, O’Reilly Autoparts, Rosati’s businesses. Again, we can not confirm if this is advised, but it is possible.
  • Access to the Fry’s shopping center is available through the Bella Vista entrance.
  • South on Hunt Highway just before Gary Road has been narrowed to one lane in an attempt to redirect traffic away from the closed intersection at Hunt and Bella Vista. Unfortunately this only creates slower than normal progress at this area. Hunt Highway goes back to two lanes once you get beyond Gary Road.

Please be patient with your fellow residents as you attempt to make your way around the area. Additionally the intersection at Gantzel and Hunt Highway has been experiencing longer than normal delays when making a left turn onto Hunt Highway. Plan your travels accordingly.

If you are experiencing any additional travel difficulties please contact us at and we will help communicate that with the community.