San Tan Times Hiking Tip:

With heavy rains, this past week, be careful out on the trails. Water run-off can alter or damage trails creating poor footing and unexpected change in surfaces. This is especially important for mountain bikers that will be hitting the 

Archery 101

Interested in archery? Curious about how to shoot a bow? Come to Usery Park and find out!

MTB 101 - Beginner Mountain Bike Clinic and Ride

If you’re looking to learn new skills, increase your confidence on the bike, or simply enjoy the sport like never before, our MTB 101 class is just for you.

Chat with the Ranger

Ranger Nikki will be on hand at the main trailhead to answer questions, offer route suggestions and share hiking tips with you.

Snake Safety

If you were hiking on a warm summer morning, would you know what to do if you came upon a snake stretched out in the middle of the trail?

Movie Night in the Park- Untamed Americas Deserts

This movie will highlight the strange and spectacular animals that call our desert “home.”