A Possible Solution Proposed By Neighboring Town

At Monday’s ACC Open Meeting the Town of Queen Creek came up with a proposal to do provide interconnections to allow a faster solution to the problems San Tan Valley faces.

The solutions could alleviate the problems that Section 11 Wastewater Treatment plant faces and the Pecan Creek Treatment plant. This would provide enough capacity for existing connections and new connection which would prevent the need for a moratorium on building. But, more importantly, it could provide relief to those residents that have been directly impacted by both of those facilities while also allowing EPCOR to focus on Johnson Utilities infrastructure problems.

If Queen Creek’s proposed plan were to move forward, solutions could be in place in as short as six weeks for portions of the project and as long as eight months for other areas of the proposed project.

The Board of Supervisors voted to weigh in their support of the proposal, which in the end was voted in favor of with a vote of 4-0. Supervisor Miller was absent from the meeting.

This vote doesn’t mean that the Queen Creek’s proposal will be used, as that will be up to the ACC. This vote was to show that Pinal County supported the proposal.

There is a fear in the county, and beyond, that a moratorium could have long-term repercussions not just in San Tan Valley, but throughout the county and potentially the state. But, the argument is which is more important, economic development, or the safety of the residents?

“I hear often about the ‘M’ word and the stigma it would give this area… if we are honest we already have a stigma for this county and the services that we are getting right now.” Said Supervisor Goodman. “Everybody talks about property rights. But we have current people that live here that have property rights as well. So, if a moratorium is a direction we need to go to protect our current citizens then we really need to consider that.” 

The interconnection proposal from Queen Creek could provide the best options available as it would offer quicker relief to the residents of the area impacted while also providing the increased capacity needed to support the builders and developers.

The claim by Augustine Gomez, President of the McRae Group of Companies, is that a building moratorium in San Tan Valley could have major impacts in the Phoenix metropolitan area in regards to land supply, home prices and stability.