San Tan Valley was a hot topic at Wednesdays Board of Supervisors Meeting namely Plan San Tan.

welcome to San Tan Valley

Plan San Tan is a project Pinal County has been working on to provide a “small area plan” for better development in the San Tan Valley area. This plan has been developed to provide economic development, improved transportation, strengthen our community, and help to provide a healthier lifestyle to San Tan Valley residents.

Matthew Klyszeikko of Michael Baker International the consulting company Pinal County hired for Plan San Tan was on hand to provide an update on where things stand, and he provided some pretty eye opening statistics about our area.

What is currently considered San Tan Valley has a population of roughly 110,000 people with a median age of 29.7, and an average household size of 3.34, both of which are far larger numbers than all of Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

So we are young and have big families, but where do we all work? According to research done by Mr. Klyszeikko and his team almost 32,000 people leave San Tan Valley everyday to get to work, while only 1500 people commute to jobs in San Tan.

One of the more striking statistics is the amount of money that leaves San Tan Valley because of lack of dining, shopping, and entertainment. As the research showed San Tan Valleys estimated potential retail spending is 1.13 Billion of that some $900 Million is spent somewhere else.

So what all of this research has shown is that we are a big area that is young, provides no jobs, and nothing to do. What a surprise!

What Do They Plan To Do About It?

According to Mr. Kylszeikko local residents and stakeholders were given 3 different options on what could be done and the decision was unanimous. We need a community/ urban center (details are in the photo below).

Plan San tan

Now where or if this will even happen is still up for debate according to Mr. Kylszeikko “just because we put a color on a map and decide that this should be planned on does not mean it will ever happen.”

So this “plan” is really more of a suggestion.

Once the presentation was over the supervisors were free to ask questions, and as Supervisor Smith pointed out “it is shocking we did not see more requests for employment in San Tan Valley, I see that as one of the areas biggest problems.”

Supervisor Goodman thanked the consultant for all of his hard work and planning, while also saying that from talking to residents, he would also agree that our biggest need is employment. “We have great, talented people in San Tan Valley and they are all leaving the area to work.”

The project timeline was also a concern for Supervisor Smith because as he said “We are going to be asking these residents to provide input on this planning during election season while they may also be deciding on incorporating.” He then asked if delaying the project was an option, which it is not. “Delaying this at all would push everything back by an entire year.” Said Mr. Kyleszeikko.

timeline plan san tan

With that the Supervisors went into executive session to discuss the lawsuit recently filed by Queen Creek regarding incorporation. Once they returned the meeting was ended with no public discussion about Incorporation.