The agenda items for Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting:

  • Discussion/approval/disapproval of Resolution No. 042318-STV concerning Petition for Incorporation of the “Town of San Tan Valley,” Election Department Petition PC I20171006. (Chris Keller/Kent Volkmer)
  • Discussion/approval/disapproval of direction to staff regarding a request from the Towns of Florence and Queen Creek for Pinal County to advocate for the Arizona Corporation Commission to assign a third party manager to manage Johnson Utilities in ACC docket proceeding WS-02987A-18-0050, and to advocate that the third party they choose be the Towns of Florence and Queen Creek. (Mike Goodman)

This meeting is important for multiple reasons. Whether you are for or against Incorporation, Supervisor Mike Goodman would like you to come out to Monday’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting to support your position on the topic of Incorporation.

Additionally, and this is the opinion of San Tan Times, the continued stance that the county remains neutral during the ACC Hearings of Johnson Utilities must end. As it has been shown throughout the hearings of the long and lengthy list of violations that have been committed by the utility, the county has allowed this to take place. Residents can be rightfully angry at the Utility, but the anger must also be directed at the county for allowing this situation to exist for so long. Throughout the Hearings that have taken place in San Tan Valley and at the ACC, there have been Board of Supervisors, one of which has constituents in San Tan Valley, publicly defend the utility.

Todd House recently stated during a Board of Supervisors meeting “… they are running the organization just fine, everything is going well, As a matter of fact they rate them fairly high.” House also said “ADEQ went out to the system 11 treatment plant and found some minor errors, minor issues, that’s fine and those can be corrected and should be. But, there’s actually no violations at the section 11 plant.” This is the same ADEQ that has shown to be unprepared and unorganized throughout the current ACC Hearings.

Additionally House goes on to say “I just feel that in the end that Johnson Utilities might be found not to be in any of these problems that are currently involved in this resolution.”

Paul Gardner, the Director at Queen Creek Utilities seems to feel differently based on his statements at the ACC hearings ““36 lift stations are 36 points of failure….There’s a direct correlation to the number of SSO’s (Sewer Sanitary Overflows) in relation to the number of lift stations.”

Trevor Baggiore, the Water Quality Division Director at Arizona Department of Environmental Quality stated “Johnson Utilities experiences more SSO (Sanitary Sewer Overflows) than any other private entity.”

San Tan Valley residents must continue to come together and take part. Whether we agree or disagree, we must act as a community to move forward. We hope you have the time and ability to attend this Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

Event Date & Time:
Monday, April 23, 20181
9:30 AM – Call to Order

Pinal County Administrative Complex
Board of Supervisors Hearing Room
135 N. Pinal Street
Florence, AZ 85132

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