Budgets, Projects, And Tourism 


The meeting was mostly a recap as to where county projects and budgets are at for the year. 

From an economic development standpoint the county’s advertising agency that they have been working with, Moses, presented a clip from their new tourism video.

Moses has been tasked with promoting Pinal County in terms of tourism and economic development.

By advertising Pinal County for tourism and showing what the area offers could also lead to additional economic development as larger businesses may see what there is to do in Pinal County outside of work.

Much like San Tan Valley, the development of Pinal and overcoming hurdles will require a long term consistent plan and quick results cannot be expected. 

The Copper Corridor Economic Collision presented their updates and what they have acomplished throughout the year, including selling the mobile visitor center, participated in Arizona Office of Tourism Rural Marketing Co-Op which led to advertising in the AAA Via Magazine. They continued their partnership with Valle del Sol. They have graduated over 40 graduates to HLI-Copper Corridor. More information about the organization can be found here: www.valledelsol.com

They completed the Copper Community Food Hub Study which was a Comprehensive study on food that is being grown in the Copper Corridor. There are a lot of food producers in the area. One of the long term goals with the Food Hub is to have a full time coordinator in place to offer support to local food producers to grow their businesses and access resources.

Additionally, in 2019 they will be hosting the Waterways Exhibit in mid to late May for about six weeks.

Public Works spoke about Pavement damages, restoration fees and penalties along with an explanation regarding an amendment to development services code in regards to road right-away use.

Over the last 10 years the county has invested nearly $20 million in transportation and infrastructure on Hunt Highway and Gantzel Road. This amendment will preserve the life expectancy of those improvements.

The amendment will improve the life cycle of major RTO roadways, not just in San Tan Valley, but throughout the county.

Pinal Regional Transit Authority updated the Board of Supervisors. Currently they are working on a multitude of administrative activities. Mostly advisory committees and subcommittees to identify where they want to go with the money allotted for multiple transit services.

Supervisor Smith requested that they be shovel ready on as many projects as possible to run with the projects. But, the general overview is that the RTA is in the midst of planning and creating the infrastructure needed to move forward on projects.

Sheriff Mark Lamb spoke about the PCSO budget. He spoke about the focus on the operational needs and personnel requirements. A lot of their budget is based on the recommendations on the staffing study that they did a few months ago that was requested by the BOS. For 2018/19 they are requesting a budget increase of $2 million. $300,00 will be towards their portion of the new time keeping system that the county is implementing.

To see the full meeting, go online at: www.pinalcountyaz.gov/bos/Pages/PreviousMeetingVideos.aspx