Order of Abatement

After San Tan Valley showed up in massive numbers for two days of hearings where residents came forth and told their story of problem after problem that have been taking place for over a decade, the ACC was forced to take notice. What they originally thought to be just a hearing regarding a rate case quickly spiraled into a realization of what is happening within the San Tan Valley area.

After the open meeting that took place today, February 22, all five commissioners agreed that something had to be done. The ACC agreed that full testing begins tomorrow regarding the ongoing health concerns such as the Hydrogen Sulfide levels that some areas within our community has been dealing with. The commissioners will address the health concerns first, and rightfully so. But do not think the other problems and issues have gone unnoticed.

An investigation on billing practices, lawsuits brought against residents, threatening actions, and scare tactics will begin as well. This is an amazing step in the right.

We want to be sure we are clear on this; none of these results would have taken place if it wasn’t for you, the community coming together in an amazing unified effort to make your voices heard and to force our elected officials to take notice. This isn’t just progress for today, the actions and efforts by this community over the previous two days will give this area the ability to produce a better future for you, your children, and future San Tan Valley residents.

These hearings have proven that your actions and efforts matter and that a unified San Tan Valley can produce incredible results. The past two days have made us proud to be a San Tan Valley resident.

For a full audio recording of the open meeting you can go online at:

The audio of the open meeting can take up to 24 hours for it to be available.

San Tan Times would also like to thank Supervisor Mike Goodman for his role in making this happen. If it weren’t for his ongoing efforts over the last several months, these hearings may not have been nearly as effective. But, we need to be clear, it wasn’t just one person that made this happen, as we also had help from the county regarding this matter. This was truly a unified effort from the residents on up to the county.