Immediate Reform in Johnson Utilities Companies 



ACCO, the Association of Christian Churches and Non-Profits, in San Tan Valley and in Queen Creek, stands in solidarity with the concerned citizens of San Tan Valley in seeking immediate justice and reform in the Johnson Utilities Company for the health and welfare of our families, children, our water and our air.

Since 2008, The ACCO has brought together churches and non-profits for the betterment of our community through prayer services, compassion and mercy services, justice issues, and through quarterly talks about critical issues related to the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual welfare of our region, which has included as many as forty local churches and non-profits.

The local Churches feel it is our civic and spiritual duty to say “enough is enough” and to call for immediate reform in the Johnson Utilities company. We, the local pastors and their churches, came to this decision based on the concerns of ALL people that live in the San Tan Valley area where this injustice is occurring, especially those most vulnerable, the poor. The unhelpful choices of Johnson Utilities directly affect our community’s health and well-being and has a corresponding negative economic impact on both the neighbors and businesses that we are aiming to support in their daily operations.

Our call for justice includes:

  1. Implementation of an independent interim manager of Johnson Utilities approved by The Corporation Commission, the United Citizens for Clean Air and Clean Water, and the Customers of Johnsons Utilities.
  2. Immediate accountability including complete disclosure, full-fine payments, and all appropriate legal action necessary to remedy the current issues that are plaguing our community’s air and water.
  3. Admission of culpability and true repentance including an apology and appropriate financial reparations.
  4. Immediate investment in infrastructure improvement in the amounts of up to $160,000,000.00 as approved by an independent group accepted by both the Arizona Corporation Commission and local customers, as attested by McCarty and Paul Gardner.
  5. Improved communication with the constituents/customers by hiring a robust team of independent customer service agents that can answer questions, document complaints and be backed by an independent team that reports to the Corporation Commission that has the authority & finances to address legitimate concerns.
  6. Transparency regarding each of the companies, Johnson Utilities, Hunt Management and Ultra Management, and the people, George Johnson, Chris Johnson, Brad Cole & Barbara Johnson, that receive money from San Tan Valley including specific figures related to the employees, salaries, amounts reinvested into the company, and actual allocations of funds to bring back confidence in the air and water quality.
  7. The immediate resignation of Pinal County Supervisor Todd House for his complicity in supporting the abuses occurring in Johnson Utilities.

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