Find Your New Best Bud At CAAR

The Central Arizona Animal Rescue (CAAR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the general welfare, sheltering and placement of animals; prevention of cruelty to animals and overpopulation; education concerning humane treatment of animals; and involvement in other animal welfare issues.

THEY DO NOT TAKE OWNER SURRENDERS – If you are looking to surrender a dog, take them to the county animal control in the county you reside in. That is where they get all of their dogs they are trying to save.

They adopt on a first come first served basis by appointment only. They will not hold a dog for an appointment for more then 48 hours.

Remember, you can greatly help them out with no cost to you by signing up for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program and listing us as your support charity! This way CAAR receives a donation each time you shop at Fry’s, using your Fry’s card and it costs you nothing!! This is a wonderful way to aid their organization! So PLEASE sign up! It will only take a minute and you can find the step by step instructions by clicking on community rewards on the site:

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My Name is Benny

I am a young male shepherd mix, I am pretty good with other dogs. They got me fixed when I got here, they also gave me my shots and stuck a chip in me.

I was turned into the pound as a stray so the staff doesn’t know much about me and I am not about to let my secrets out! I can be a little bossy if you let me but maybe with some training I will come around.

My Name is Chewie

I am a male Brussels Griffin mix. They call me a senior but I am only between 7-9, nobody is really sure since my mom left me at such a young age.

CAAR helped me out when I needed it the most. I was a stray that needed to be shaven down to get rid of the matting, my ears were pretty bad, and obviously was in need of a dentist. The Doc ended up taking 10 teeth so hard food is pretty tough on me, but I ended up with a pretty sweet look! I am fixed, current on my shots, and they implanted me with a tracking device so I am ready to go home!

My Name is Ginger

I am a Female Pointer mix puppy. I am pretty good with other dogs, and kids. I am a huge fan of cats too, they are so much fun to chase!

I came to CAAR with my sister and mom a long time ago, mom is still here but my little sister got a new place a while back. Nobody is really sure what I am a mix of but they are guessing I might have some hound in me, that might say more about mom than it does me, it’s probably also why they got me spayed. I do know how to walk on a leash pretty well but I will need to work on the whole house training thing. I love playing outside too, give me a water hose and I am in heaven.

My Name is Salty

I am an adult male Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix that is good with other dogs. I am actually not that salty, I’m pretty cool! I think they named me that because I am all white.

Me and my brother were dropped off at the pound but we are not really sure why, my old owner didn’t tell anyone. Speaking of the pound that place is terrifying! I couldn’t stand it there anymore so CAAR took me, I am doing a lot better now.

The people here at CAAR have been trying to make me walk around on some sort of string and I have no clue whats going on with that, if you could teach me that would be awesome! I am also not a huge fan of people yet, I just lack the confidence. Give me some time and I will be fine. When I got here they gave me a surgery. Now I have a few parts missing and they tell me I will never have puppies. I also got a few shots, and they keep talking about something called a microchip. I am a fan of chips, they are delicious so I can’t wait for this to happen.

For more information about these furry little friends, and all the other rescues that CAAR has available, go online at: