play 60 fuel up

Mr. Jim Segar, Physical Education Teacher, and Circle Cross Ranch K-8 STEM Academy were notified on
August 10th they had been awarded a $4,000 grant from Fuel Up Play 60. This is in connection with the Dairy
Council of Arizona and is provided for nutrition and fitness to improve student health and wellness.
The money will be used to purchase a lap counter for Physical Education classes and a new picnic table and
rolling kiosk to serve cold fruit and cold snacks. There will also be taste testing for healthy foods with this
Mr. Segar Quote: “This is our second grant from FUP60, last year we purchased a LED Menu display for the
cafeteria, three water bottle filling stations for our drinking fountains and 25 Marathon Kids Registrations
along with incentives and taste testing for healthy snacks with less sugar. Fitness equipment for K-5. We
thank the FUP60 and The Dairy Council of Arizona for their help in making Circle Cross a healthier school.”
Mr. Chris Knutsen Quote: “Mr. Segar has been working very hard for the students of Florence Unified School
District and this is further proof of what individual teachers and staff members can do to support student