Circle Cross Ranch K-8 STEM Academy was recently notified of their receipt of a $4,800.00 grant from the
Arizona Department of Education and Interactive Health Technologies (IHT). The grant will provide new
physical education technology and curriculum for the IHT Spirit System.

This new technology will equip each student with the latest heart rate monitor and assessment technology.
The Spirit System is a web-based assessment system that uses heart rate monitors that children wear during
Physical Education Class. The heart rate monitors are designed specifically for P.E. to help students gain
instant feedback on their efforts.

The system will also engage and educate students on a variety of fitness activities that optimize cardiovascular
endurance, stamina, flexibility, speed, core strength, power, coordination and self-confidence. In addition,
parents and students will receive feedback as soon as class ends, through emailed reports.

This grant was provided by Keri Schoeff, PE/PA Specialist, Arizona Department of Education, Health and
Nutrition Services.

Superintendent Mr. Chris Knutsen’s Quote: “We want to thank Mr. Segar, Circle Cross Ranch K-8 STEM
Academy PE Teacher, for continuing to apply for and receive grants that help our students. I also want to
thank the Arizona Department of Education Health and Nutrition Services for helping us with this grant.”