Dailey’s Yogurt-N-More Has A New Flavor 

starwberry kiwi

Dailey’s new flavor is Kiwi Strawberry which offers the taste of a traditional sherbet while having the creamy texture of soft serve ice cream. The taste is great, especially for those looking for something that is a little less sweet. 

As the flavor is more of a sour or bitter taste (not in a bad way, it is just how you would describe it since it isn’t super sweet) the toppings that would best go with the flavor would probably be sweet. 

We tried peanuts, chocolate chips, and coconut. But those didn’t seem to pair well with the flavor… and we’re sure some of you are reading this wondering what is wrong with us to even try to use peanuts with a sherbet flavor… Hey, we’re were just trying different things and willing to make bad decisions so you don’t have to! 

The toppings that mixed the best were those that were really sweet (or no toppings at all, since the flavor of the Kiwi Strawberry is really nice). 

The cherry syrup offered a nice mix of flavors, and surprisingly the gummy bears, though chewy (really chewy) gave the mixture a fun combination. We also liked the white chocolate chips. 


85 W Combs Rd, # 111 

San Tan Valley, Arizona 

(480) 783-3161