Throughout the school year, Combs Traditional Academy students have been working on improving their cardiorespiratory endurance through performing the FITNESSGRAM PACER test. This instrument measures how many laps students can complete going from one side of the gym to the other. Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade have practiced this activity. However, the specific grade levels that have been working on improving their cardio endurance from this testing instrument are 3rd through 6th grade students. With these grade levels, students have recorded scores since August with this endurance test/trial. This school year, students have had the opportunity to complete this 5 times; on average one time every two months. 

Each student’s result has been recorded and results from previous trials/tests have been shared with them as a gage to their individual progress. 

From this data, I am happy to congratulate the following students: 

3rd grade, the students with the highest averages were:
William Stinecipher and Emery Huffaker. 

In 4th grade:
Neelan Venkatesan and Fayth Hatch. 

In 5th grade:
Noah Alvarado and Alexandra Garcia. 

6th grade:
Trevor Hood and Angelia Graham. 

I want to thank all students in Grades K-6 for your participation and sportsmanship with the PACER throughout the school year.