Easy To Use Form Offered By Local Group Of Residents

In a recent article titled “Water Utility Cannot Handle Population” San Tan Times Staff highlighted elected officials to contact that represent the San Tan Valley area that should be offering some forms of support during the ongoing water crisis in the area.

The United Citizens, a local group of residents that have been actively monitoring the water situation, providing updates, and highlighting Hydrogen Sulfide exceedance warnings released by Pinal County, has offered a quick and easy way to contact officials through a simple to use form.

Visit the Form Page: www.theunitedcitizens.com/contact-your-reps-pratt-shope-and-townsend/

On the page you will a see simple to use form, along with an example of what the email letter will look like when it is submitted to the elected officials.

Additional elected official that represent a portion of San Tan Valley:

David Farnsworth
Legislative District 16

2017 Committees of note:
Commerce & Public Safety, Member

Phone: 602-926-3020
Email: dfarnsworth@azleg.gov

The United Citizens also offers a form requesting the recusal of Supervisor Todd House and Pete Rios from any and every matter related to Johnson Utilities.

Visit the Recusal Form Page: www.theunitedcitizens.com/request-for-recusal/

This is still a valid request especially after the testimony Supervisor House provided during the ACC evidentiary hearings.

Supervisor House testified saying that the Hydrogen Sulfide problem has been addressed, even though an article located here shows it is very much an ongoing problem.

Additionally, House commented that the public comment sessions were “quite a turnout for the area” but most of the issues were past issues, but he believes it is still confined to a “small group of people.”

So, as the entire San Tan Valley area struggles, construction crews delayed, wells run dry, wells turned offline due to water quality issues, Supervisor House has testified that the problems are all in the past and any problem is confined to only a small group of people.

San Tan Valley may want to come out to the Next Board of Supervisors meeting and ask Todd House what he considers a “small group of people.”