The design was recently completed on a new route in and out of Copper Basin. The project will connect Judd to Gantzel, and extend Tourmaline Dr to the new Judd Rd. The Aquisition of State Land is nearing completion and will be finished by the end of the month.

The project’s construction funding is going to the Board of Supervisors for approval on June 27th, in the amount of $2.5Mil.  The project will start construction in August and be completed by October/November.

What does this mean for the Copper Basin area?

This will not only provide a huge improvement to the traffic flow within Copper Basin, but it will also increase safety by providing residents and emergency workers another access point into and out of the Copper Basin area.

This will also decrease the congestion on Hunt Highway south of the Gantzel intersection. Even with the widening of Hunt Highway underway, the addition of this new entryway for Copper Basin will improve traffic flow for a lot of residents.