Prospector Lane Will Connect To Judd Road

As previously reported in the June 25th edition of the San Tan Times, Copper Basin will be getting a new entry and exit point at Tourmaline Dr. Additionally we have confirmed that Prospector Lane will also be built out to connect to Judd Rd.

Offering two additional exit and entry points within the Copper Basin community will alleviate congestion problems within that area.

Due Copper Basin being such a large community, congestion, and unfortunately accidents, have become more commonplace. Hopefully, the additional options will cut down on congestion and frustration within the community

creating a safer traveling experience for everyone.

With the closure of the Florence Hospital, the additional access points will also create a faster commute for emergency crews to and from Banner Hospital for that community.

What’s next

Currently, San Tan Times is following up with the construction crew contracted for this project along with county representatives to confirm several aspects of the project.

Will there be a light at Judd and Prospector?
Will there be a light at Judd and Tourmaline Dr?
Will these connections be completed before the next phase of the Hunt Highway construction?
How can the residents prepare for the construction that will take place on Hunt Highway for Phase 6 & 7 of the construction project?

As the information comes in San Tan Times will provide it to the community so travelers can plan and prepare as the Hunt/Gantzel projects moves forward.

For additional information regarding this project you can go online at: