By Rodney Glassman

There’s a crisis of corruption at the Arizona Corporation Commission and it’s destroying the quality of life for many families in San Tan Valley. The Corporation Commission was created to protect ratepayers and ensure that Arizona ratepayers had elected officials to ask the tough questions and deliver reliability, resiliency, safety, and affordability from Arizona’s private utilities. Yet, for years and years, residents of San Tan Valley have been plagued by issues of water quality, low-water pressure, billing mishaps, and sewage bubbling up at various times. You name it, you’ve suffered it and you all deserve better!

It’s time to elect commissioners who are willing to put ratepayers first! While the average Arizonan is working hard to keep food on the table and take care of their family, the only time they hear about the Corporation Commission is because of bad things: conflicts of interest, drugs, resignations that have plagued the Commission for nearly two decades, utility rate increases. For the residents of San Tan Valley this has meant water pressure so low and quality so poor, that families cannot cook or bathe. 

Ratepayers have the right to not have utilities funneling money into the joint bank accounts of the regulators, not have commissioners hearing cases that will benefit lobbyists and utilities that have contributed to their campaigns, and not have commissioners accepting free food or trips funded by the utilities they regulate. 

I’m proud to have the support of longtime Republican elected officials including Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Arizona House Speaker Pro Tem T.J. Shope, State Representative Kelly Townsend and Mayor John Giles from Mesa and Jim Lane from Scottsdale for my campaign to restore integrity to the Corporation Commission: we all agree that Arizona ratepayers deserve better!

As a Major in the United States Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps Reserves, I subscribe to the Air Force Core Value of “Integrity First. Without integrity, even my MBA and Ph.D. in Arid Land Resource Sciences (80% of ACC rate cases are water companies) would be irrelevant to my ability to contribute as a member of the Corporation Commission. By adopting the Judicial Code of Conduct the Commission can protect ratepayers, and restore credibility to our state’s most powerful, elected, regulatory body.

What is the Corporation Commission?

Arizonans are sick of reading about scandals and pay-for-play schemes. When the Corporation Commission hears rate cases they are acting as judges; hearing evidence, applying the law, and making a decision. Restoring the public’s trust can be easily accomplished by adopting the same code of conduct followed by every other judge in Arizona. Ratepayers deserve nothing less!

Why the Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct?

The Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct establishes standards for all judges in Arizona, including elected Justices of the Peace. The Code’s preamble reads:

Judges should maintain the dignity of judicial office at all times and avoid both impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in their professional and personal lives. 

It is comprised of four canons which require judges to uphold and promote independence, integrity, and impartiality through their actions, not only while performing their duty but also while campaigning, and throughout their professional and civic activities. 

The judicial code embodies the highest standard of conduct of any code of ethics in our state, guards against behavior that creates the appearance of impropriety, and incorporates a clear system of redress when there are allegations of misconduct — the voter-created independent Commission on Judicial Conduct—which serves as a neutral arbiter in deciding whether or not a judge has violated the Code. 

It’s time to clean up the Arizona Corporation Commission by adopting a thoughtful, time-tested, and universally-accepted code of conduct that protects ratepayers and restores integrity. To read my recommendation to the Corporation Docket in support of adopting the Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct please visit: 

Rodney Glassman is an attorney and Republican candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission and can be reached at: