Below is a letter The San Tan Times received from Supervisor Goodman regarding the Incorporation effort, and more specifically the creation of County Islands.

welcome to San Tan Valley

“Recently I was invited to discuss the incorporation issue with members of our rural community. Let me be clear about comments that were made by me. The discussion was centered around county islands, and whether or not they can be created, and who can create those islands. It’s important to understand the entire story, and avoid making assumptions that can cause further divisive conflict. I understand everyone’s passion regarding the future of our community and preserving our lifestyles. For far too long we have focused on individualism. Even though we may have opposing views, it’s critical that we are respectful, perform our due diligence to ensure we have factual information, and be open to considering all positions and perspectives. I believe this can be accomplished with open and honest discussions.


The San Tan Valley incorporation steering committee that made the maps does not have the authority to create county islands. This is the reason they submitted the maps inclusive of all communities. The Board of Supervisors and them alone would be the only group that would have authority to create those islands. What is unclear at this point is whether or not that decision needed to be made by the Board before or after the petition was filed. We are seeking further clarification on these issues and I will have the information soon.


I can understand why some might be fearful. However it has been my experience, the more information you have, the more fear dissipates. Knowledge is power. I strongly urge all parties to sit down, talk, gather information, and discuss concerns or opposing views. Let each other know of your goals and what you would like to accomplish. Strive to be objective and consider all the facts and options. This need not be combative and divisive.


Our community has grown dramatically over the past several years and continues to grow exponentially. It is imperative that those who want to be involved in these decisions are heard. Any further work on these issue should be discussed in an open setting with all parties represented. The goal in mind should be that all issues are resolved for the common good. We all have common ground now… we are all citizens of Pinal County and will continue to be. Whether your objective is for incorporation, to be annexed into Queen Creek, or remain a county island, all sides need to be heard and understood. LET’S STOP THE DIVISIVENESS AND WORK TOGETHER.”