Your Participation Is Important To The Future Of Pinal 

As Pinal County grows, occupational skill sets become important to as the county and municipalities communicate and attract businesses and corporations that would be in need of a ready job force. 

Pinal County’s survey of residents of Pinal County will allow them to better understand the existing occupational skills and aspirations of the county residents. 

This information will help county and city leaders attract more employers to locate to the county. This information will also be used by the school district and community college leaders to help understand areas that they should prioritize in the future. 

Your answers will be completely confidential. Moreover, the results of the survey will be reported in a summary format, so again no one will link you to your responses. A summary of the results will be widely available throughout the county. 

Your participation is very important to the future direction of the county. The survey takes approximately 8-12 minutes to complete. 


The link below and you will be taken directly to the survey site. You may complete the survey in English or Spanish.