A Monthly Update From Shaun Babeu, Justice of the Peace 

justice of the peace

With San Tan Valley set to have their own Justice Court in 2019, San Tan Times will start providing updates in terms of court case volume and aiding in the educational process as to what the Justice of the Peace does and what the court house handles. Much like a County Supervisor, the Justice of the Peace is by district. No matter what happens to San Tan Valley in the future (incorporation, annexation, etc.) the district of the Justice of the Peace will remain. 

From the office of Shaun Babeu, Justice of the Peace 

In the spirit of transparency I have listed the case activity for the month of March 2018 in the Apache Junction Justice Court. 

The Apache Junction Justice Court had the following incoming cases filed into our Court in March 2018: 

1,736 case filings. 

We had the following incoming case filing types: 

  • 10 DUI’s 
  • 104 additional criminal traffic filings 
  • 228 additional misdemeanors 
  • 940 civil traffic filings 
  • 15 small claims cases 
  • 41 eviction actions 
  • 25 Orders of Protection 
  • 16 Injunctions Against Harassment 
  • 297 additional civil lawsuits. 

Looking at the trends from the first 9 months of the last fiscal year compared to the first 9 months this fiscal year, we find the following: 

  • Misdemeanor criminal/criminal traffic – down 785 case filings. 
  • Civil lawsuits/cases – up 299 case filings. 
  • Civil traffic – down 1,979 case filings. 

I’ll continue to give monthly updates on our case activity and revenues. I’m proud to serve as the elected Justice of the Peace for precinct #7 and will continue to operate our court in an efficient and effective manner. We have a great team of 13 staff members that are proud to serve you. The Apache Junction Justice Court includes the communities of Apache Junction, Gold Canyon and San Tan Valley. 

In 2019 San Tan Valley will have its own Justice Court and Apache Junction and Gold Canyon will be a separate Court! 

~Shaun Babeu Justice of the Peace