San Tan Valley is Still Left in Limbo

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has passed resolution NO. _042318-STV which has effectively shut down the current incorporation attempt for San Tan Valley. The vote passed by a 4-1 margin with Supervisor Goodman abstaining from the vote (which counted as a no).

The main reason behind the resolution was a lack of petition signatures. During a review of the signatures by the Arizona Secretary of States Office it was found that of the 258 signatures reviewed, 210 could be verified. This would mean that of the total 5146 that the steering committee submitted only 4150 are verifiable, which is below the minimum of 4485 that was needed to get the measure on the November ballot.

As Supervisor Smith pointed out even if the signatures were in place, there are still to many problems with the current effort to move forward.

Even if the petitions should prevail on a judicial challenge to validity of certain disqualified signatures the Board of Supervisors still does not have jurisdiction to take any action on the petition as a result of various fatal defects, including but not limited to, lack of approving resolutions adopted by the city or town causing the urbanized area to exist, lack of declarant approval from planned community association(s) and other defects in the proposed map.

Supervisor Goodman took the time to speak on the subject just before the vote stating that he would like to mediate discussions with all involved parties in the event of a new attempt on Incorporation. He asked to be able to bring everyone together, and make sure that things get done right, which he feels is the best way to make sure that all sides are heard and that when this moves forward again it can be done the right way.

“My biggest concern is that the rurals, declarants, and even some supporting incorporation feel like they have been stepped on” said Supervisor Goodman.

Since this petition never went up for election it does not count as an attempt at incorporation, so this could be restarted immediately, “they could start agin tomorrow if they would like” said legal council.

So where does San Tan Valley go from here? It sounds like Supervisor Goodman wants to make sure that no matter which way you lean on incorporation your voice is heard.

You can read the entire Resolution Here STV_Incorporation_Resolution