Student-Athlete: Bryn O’Rourke
School: Florence High School
Sport: Varsity Girls Basketball

From the Coach:

Bryn O’Rourke is a Junior transfer from Washington State. From the first second she arrived at Florence, she worked her way into a starting role for an already very talented team. Bryn became the number one scoring option for the Gophers, scoring 340 points this season, leading the team with a 12.1 points per game average. Bryn is a deadly three-point shooter, making 49 three-point shots this season, leading the team, and also the 3A central section in made three-pointers. Bryn was the offensive player of the year both for the Gophers and the 3A central section. Bryn was also an Honorable Mention player for the entire 3A conference. Bryn’s unrelenting work ethic and passion for the game of basketball make her a great teammate and a truly valuable asset to the team. Her Junior year was great, but the best is yet to come.