Florence Unified School District Board President Denise Guenther was awarded the All Arizona School Board Award at the 2017 Arizona School Board Association Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. She was one of four board members from across the state who earned the award. This award was chosen based on a nomination from Superintendent, Chris Knutsen. The FUSD School Board, as a whole, was also named a finalist for the Lou Ella Kleinz Excellence in Governance Award.

“ASBA’s highest individual board member honor, bestowed on up to five board members who exemplify best-practices in boardsmanship, understand their roles and follow through on their responsibilities. Nomination by board action is required. A selection committee chooses the winners. Winners must have no less than five years of board service to receive the award.” (www.azsba.org)

Denise Guenther Quote: “I am honored to have received this recognition, but the greatest honor is to serve the
community and kids of FUSD.”

Superintendent Mr. Chris Knutsen’s Quote: “FUSD is lucky to have such a great president on their school board. Her
leadership and the leadership of the board, as a whole, can be seen across the district.”