The whole world is talking about Disney Cruise Lines! And we are so excited! Disney is not just for kids, but we already knew this didn’t we ?.  

I found this article on Yahoo the other day and I can’t say I was surprised by it.  

It is hard to pass along the true feeling and magic that Disney provides. Not just on land, but on sea. 


This past weekend, but two younger siblings and I finished up our Disney Cruise plans for our trip this December. I know we are excited to go again. I am not as apprehensive with going on the same ship, and same itinerary like I was with NCL. 

If you are looking for a real world escape, check into Disney Cruise Lines . Even if you are just jetting off for a quick weekend cruise to Ensenada, or if you have the time for a week long escape. See what Disney has to offer you. You will not be disappointed. 

Source: Big Kids at heart Travel Blog
Disney Cruise Line is at it again!