At 5:33 a.m. The Senate Passes Budget

The Senate passed all the budget bills which includes the teacher pay raise package after 5 a.m. Thursday. Doug Ducey tweeted at 6:09 AM “Signed. Teacher raises are on the way.#20×2020″

The bill is calculated to bring in $405 million in new funding for education, brought by the teachers’ actions.

Bill Passes Too Late for School To Re-Open Thursday

After monitoring the situation throughout the night, FUSD has decided to not re-open today.

May 3, 2018 3:00am
Good Morning Parents,

I have spent the night at the capital watching our legislative process take place. All night, the House and
Senate have debated the state’s budget without stopping. As I am writing this, the House of Representatives
has approved the budget and the Senate is still debating and voting. It does not appear a signed bill by the
Governor will be in place at 3:00am.

Since our last letter, we have continued to monitor our teacher absences and have determined that without a
signed bill, we will not be able to hold school today. Although it appears a budget will be passed and signed
that includes all of the Governor’s proposal for increases in education funding, we cannot open with our
reported absences at this level.

All FUSD schools will be closed today, May 3, 2018. We will continue to follow the last steps of this process
and announce a full re-opening of our district once the Governor has signed the budget.

Chris Knutsen