Stay Up To Date On Bills That Relate To Education In Arizona

By Expect More Arizona

This past week has been eventful at the capitol. In addition to being the last opportunity to hear bills in policy committees, the week ended with the resignation of Representative David Stringer (R-Prescott). With his departure, the partisan split in the House is now 30-29 – meaning no party has a majority. We expect the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors to come together as early as next week to name Stringer’s replacement.

Next week is the deadline for the Appropriations Committees in both the House and Senate to hear bills. The agendas have been posted and there are numerous strike-everything amendments that will be considered. A “strike everything” amendment proposes to delete the entire text of an existing bill and substitute new language, essentially making it a completely different bill, possibly on an entirely different subject. 

In 2019 Expect More Arizona will support efforts that:

Provide stable, long-term investments in education to help accelerate toward our shared Progress Meter goals, including funding that will: Provide competitive compensation, professional development, and essential materials to deliver an excellent education to all students; and

  • Advance access to postsecondary education, address workforce needs and strengthen our community colleges, universities, and workforce.
  • Identify and support student needs, including mechanisms to address the achievement gap.
  • Advocate for high academic standards and clear, consistent, and equitable accountability systems for our students, educators, and schools.
  • Accelerate student awareness of, preparedness for, and involvement in career and college pathways.

Updates On Education Related Bills

Early Education Funding: This week, the Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously approved HB 2125, which directs federal funding for child care assistance programs to the Department of Economic Security and Department of Child Safety. The bill was amended to include language from HB 2124 that allocates federal funding for child care assistance programs to specific programs. Expect More Arizona supports this bill.

Assessments: The House Education Committee unanimously approved a strike-everything amendment to SB 1346 to outline a timeline and implementation plan for the transition from AzMERIT to a menu of assessments in grades 3-8 and high school. Expect More Arizona supports this bill.

In the coming weeks: We expect activity to slow at the Capitol as the budget is being developed and legislators try to maintain some leverage with the remaining bills moving through the process. As a result, you may receive fewer legislative updates from us in the coming weeks.