Find Out What Is Going On At the State Level 

By Expect More Arizona And San Tan Times Staff  

Child Care Assistance: The Senate Appropriations Committee will hear SB 1242, which authorizes the Department of Economic Security to use federal funding to increase child care assistance for Arizona families. An identical bill, HB 2125, awaits a vote by the full House next week. Also awaiting consideration next week by the full House is HB 2124, which details that the funds will be used to increase the reimbursement rate for child care providers, to broaden the number of parents eligible to receive child care support and eliminate the wait list, and to increase tiered reimbursement, which provides additional funding to high-quality child care centers based on the state’s Quality First rating system. Expect More Arizona supports these bills. 

Education Sales Tax Increase: The House Education Committee passed HCR 2024 and HB 2563, sponsored by Representative Michelle Udall, to voter protect the existing 0.6 cents dedicated to education and increase the sales tax by an additional 0.4 cents to provide for education programs.

Senator Brophy McGee and Representative Udall have come to an agreement on a single proposal. As a result, SCR 1001 and SB 1080 will be the bills able to move forward to match the House proposals. HCR 2024, HB 2563, SCR 1001 and SB 1080 all await the Rules Committee in their respective Chambers. Expect More Arizona remains neutral on these bills. Any referendum going to voters should significantly impact consensus priorities in the Roadmap for P-20 Education Funding, and these proposals as they are currently drafted do not yet meet that bar. We will update you as the bills advance or our position changes. 

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarships: SB 1191 awaits consideration by the full Senate. This bill creates a $10 million grant program for Arizona residents who enroll in CTE programs at an Arizona community college that leads to an industry or vocational credential. 

Tuition Rate for Arizona High School Graduates: On a bipartisan vote of 18- 12, the Senate passed SB 1217, sponsored by Senator Heather Carter, which would permit universities and community colleges to set an additional tuition rate for graduates of Arizona high schools. Currently, state law only authorizes setting of tuition rates based on whether a person is a resident of Arizona or a non-resident of the state. The bill awaits committee assignment in the House.