San Tan Valley Is Finally Gaining Support 

With reports from EPCOR beginning to come in, in addition to Johnson Utilities fighting the Interim Management effort, elected officials are coming out in support of San Tan Valley, EPCOR, and the ACC. 

Recently, after a community meeting with EPCOR, Rep. T.J. Shope had this to say: 

“I fully support the efforts of the Arizona Corporation Commission in this matter and have been monitoring all of the actions in San Tan Valley with my friends from The United Citizens – Clean Air Clean Water. Last week, we heard from EPCOR USA who brought forward a rough timeline of events they would like to employ to correct the issues plaguing this community. My hope is that the ACC will use every tool in their toolbox to compel Johnson Utilities to follow their lawful orders and provide for safe and reliable drinking water for all of the San Tan Valley and Florence areas.” – TJ Shope

After it became public that Johnson Utilities has refused to provide access to financial information to the Interim Manager, Rep. Kelly Townsend sent out a press release supporting the revocation of the CCN. 


Aug 14, 2018 

Phoenix, AZ 

I have just received word that as of 4 pm today, Johnson Utilities has refused access to the financial information, as well as the infrastructure to the interim manager, EPCOR. With the report just received regarding unsafe water and potentially explosive conditions within said infrastructure, I emphatically call on the company to reverse their position immediately, for the sake of the residents affected. If not, may the courts act swiftly and decisively. 

If Johnson Utilities does not comply immediately, I will wholeheartedly support the revocation of the CCN. The people of San Tan Valley have suffered long enough. 

Rep. Kelly J. Townsend 

Majority Whip 

Arizona House of Representatives 


We hope more elected officials come out in support of the San Tan Valley area as the problems that are currently being uncovered have been allowed to happen for years.